Adaptive Music

Adaptive music instruction adapts the instrument and the teaching method to better fit the learner. Just as it is easier for teens to learn to drive on an automatic transmission or elderly folks to begin an exercise program sitting in a chair, it is easier for some to learn an instrument if it is modified or if the instruction style adapts to their social or emotional needs.

Instruments re-tuned for easier learning of popular music

We offer ukulele lessons using a Celtic tuning that allows the main three chords used in most popular songs to be played with one finger on the same fret. Using Celtic-tuning, both impatient teens and arthritic elders have learned to play tunes like ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Rock Me Mama’ in 2-3 lessons without practicing on their own. A similar tuning works almost as easily for guitar and banjo.

The specially-tuned harmonicas we use, Lee Oscar Major Melody, take less effort to blow and require none of the throat contortions needed to play the full range of major and minor scale notes on conventional harmonicas. Elderly students have not only enjoyed playing the tunes of their childhood but have also gained respiratory function!

We provide instruments for group lessons

All the instruments required are provided at the lessons. Or they can be purchased for less than $50 apiece from us or via the internet. Two local libraries have done this and have started loaning ukuleles out to our students and others.

Our dance program is called ‘Viral’ because it requires no set steps or memorized sequences. Instead, it begins with a simple dance move by a lead dancer which is repeated by the other dancers and then spreads like a happy virus as the leadership of the moves is taken up, in turn, by each dancer. So instead of grimacing at their mistakes the dancers are laughing at the moves they are seeing and making. It works with any style of rhythmic music.

Drumming has long been a staple of home-grown fun and wellness music instruction and we offer both drum circles and an evidence-based drum program.

Of course, dozens of scientific studies make it clear that active participation in the arts are critical to wellness and healing. Making music as simple and fun as possible is our business!

Connect with us at or 410-253-9926

Published by Jonathan Williams

I am excited about helping every kind of person: clever, disabled, busy, impatient or unfocused...anybody...connect using music!

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