Up Coming Music Events

Harmonicana Performances to Begin in Spring

All of us in the music business have been ‘woodsheding’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. I thought about the role a musician could play in connecting with memories of times past as well as feeling hopeful about the future. This is what I worked up as a ‘one-man band’ .

Noteworthy Past Events:

Viral Dance:

view a 1 minute video below:

Our ‘Viral’ Dances are catching because they are free-form dancing but in a syncronized group. So, no partners, no dance experience or expertise is needed yet everyone is interacting! How? Each dancer has a chance to lead a move and the other dancers follow. We dance in circles and pairs of lines so that we all stay connected.

Loblollies at the Easton Library

Move2Music at the Easton Multi-Cultural Fest: https://youtu.be/N9ehiPpS1-Y

We also offer Rhythm2Recovery, an evidence-based drum intervention for troubled children, teens and young adults. For more info on R2R see: https://rhythm2recovery.com/the-5r-model/

  • email: shorecmc@gmail.com
  • phone: 410-253-9926

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