‘One Finger’ Ukulele Testimonials

“ This method of playing ukulele is so simple that literally ANYONE at ANY AGE can be a musician!
A ukulele is inexpensive and portable and brings joy whenever played, especially in unison with others. I see it as potential to shift the planet on a quantum level starting from a place of PURE JOY!”
Lorraine Flisher RN, Health and Wellness Coordinator Londonderry on the Tred Avon

“I had a ukulele my son had left behind. There was something really satisfying about strumming it. The tone was happy, bright, and pleasantly soft. It fit my small hands and was light and easy to hold. I really wanted to learn to play that uke. Yet it sat in his room, unused, until I took Jonathan William’s One-Finger Ukulele class. 

With Jonathan’s Celtic-style tuning, I could make chords by pointing one finger — and anyone can point! I was playing actual songs the first day. It’s incredible how many great songs share the same few, simple chords. And when you can play all of your favorite songs except one chord, it’s extra easy to pick it up. And then you want to go on to another song and another new chord. It’s a challenge, but in tasty, bite-sized bits. It was fun to hop from one to the next.

Suddenly, I was hearing songs I’d always loved with a fresh ear. Now I could play them, too! They felt mine, as they hadn’t before. I felt I understood and enjoyed them deeper down. 

Being able to play has become a gift for my whole family. Mom wanted to hear her favorite song, and I could play it right by her bedside when she was ill. I got my Dad — an old guitar player sidelined by arthritis — singing along and suggesting what I should learn next. The brothers and sisters could actually tell what I was playing and join in singing. It was like a Christmas miracle! And nobody had to endure me playing endless scales or twanging the same song over and over. I just pop my uke in the car and go make us a little party. If there are real musicians around, I can even tag along. How amazing is that, after playing for less than a year?

At the end of a long day, I like to take it easy and strum. It’s a great way to unwind — making pleasant sounds without any extra stress to get there. I highly recommend Jonathan William’s Celtic Ukulele method. All the music without the heavy lifting!”

–Suzanne Sanders

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play huge numbers of popular songs using just one or two fingers to fret the chords? By using ‘Celtic’ tuning we cut the uke learning curve down from days to minutes.  This tuning is similar to the ‘slack-key’ Hawaiian guitar style and it is like learning to drive on an automatic transmission car. In fact, it is so easy and fun that our students are now teaching their children and grandchildren using our method.

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